• Global Rescue

    Kyrgyz Alpine Club strongly recommends that you enroll with Global Rescue prior to embarking on your trip. Medical and security emergencies happen. When they do, we rely on Global Rescue, the world’s leading membership organization providing…

  • Lenin peak 7134m Festival dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the first ascent.

    The Kyrgyz Alpine Club (KAC) and the State Administration of the Chon-Alai district of the Osh region and Kashkasuu local authority invite mountaineers, tourists, mountain lovers and also trekkers to join the Mountaineering Festival in the…

  • “Mountain Spirit Program” (MSP)

    “Mountain Spirit 2018” mountaineering adventure in Pamir mountains in Kyrgyzstan At the summer season 2018 Kyrgyz Alpine Club (KAC) already fifth year is going to carry out Mountain Spirit Project (MSP). The main point of the…

  • Soviet Military Topographic map sample of Karakol region

    Maps of Kyrgyzstan

    As for the Kyrgyz Republic, currently there is no substantial system or institution to publicly distribute up-to-date topographical maps. Decent alternatives include the classic Soviet military topographical maps, the OpenTopoMap available online, and handful of commercial…

Expedition schemes


Expedition: Khan-Tengri (7010m)April 9

Our programs for the heart of Central Tianshan include transportation by the pre-scheduled helicopter flight between seasonal Maida-adyr base and our regularly established mountaineering camps on the Engilchek glacier, and allow the use of facilities with daily supplies. Conditions and available services are customizable according to each plan and requests from clients.

ITMC & Kyrgyz Alpine Club basecamp for Lenin peak in Achyk-tash

Expeditioin: Lenin Peak (7134m)

Our standard programs for Lenin peak include transportation by a suitable vehicle between Osh and the seasonal basecamp (BC) in the Achyk-tash valley, and allow the stay at sites: BC [3600m] and the advanced basecamp (ABC) located above [4400m], with…

April 9

Virgin peaks in Kyrgyzstan

Virgin Peaks in Kyrgyzstan Best season: July – September Mountains cover 95% of the territory of Kyrgyzstan and 40% of those are above 3,000 meters high. There are many regions where the foot of climber has never stepped. In Kyrgyzstan…

April 9


“Mountain Spirit Program” (MSP)August 29

“Mountain Spirit 2018” mountaineering adventure in Pamir mountains in Kyrgyzstan At the summer season 2018 Kyrgyz Alpine Club (KAC) already fifth year is going to carry out Mountain Spirit Project (MSP). The main point of the MSP-2018 is: KAC invites free of charge two young climbers from each country of UAAA member to do ascent▶︎

Central Asia Glaciers Clean-up

Kyrgyz Alpine Club has conducted research of the most visited glaciers in Tien-Shan and Pamir mountains in Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately these glaciers follow the fate of Khumbu Glacier and Baltoro Glacier when irrational and wasteful of it led to the terrible…

April 10

Mountaineering School

Place: North Tien-Shan, Ala-Archa Gorge, Kyrgyzstan Best season: May – June, September – October Duration: 9 days and 15 days (in-country) This course is specially developed for mountaineers and climbers who want to combine learning of new skills and exploring new destination…

February 25

Post Locations

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Transportation and vehiclesApril 10

There are several ways how to get to Kyrgyzstan: by air, by railroad or by car. To get around inside the country is more convenient by car and sometime by air. Most of the mountaineering regions can be accessed only by all-wheel off-road vehicles. Helicopter might be the only option to access some regions of▶︎

Expedition service team

Mountain guides. When hiring mountain guide in Kyrgyzstan one should be very careful not to be guided by an unqualified person. Nowadays everyone in Kyrgyzstan can call himself a guide and offer guiding service. There are no law regulations to…

April 10

Food, Gas & Petrol, Equipment

There are no problems with food supply for the mountaineering expeditions in Kyrgyzstan. Basically any standard set of ingredients can be easily obtained in the local stores and markets of the country. But there are several things to consider while…

April 10
Logo of the Kyrgyz Alpine Club

About Kyrgyz Alpine Club

Kyrgyz Alpine Club was established on the 4th of August of 2000 by the initiative group which represented most of administrative regions of Kyrgyz Republic.  The main objective of Kyrgyz Alpine Club is development of climbing and mountaineering in Kyrgyzstan. …

August 10