Khan-Tengri Peak 6995 m ,


Mountaineering expedition: Khan-Tengri Peak 6995 m Season: July 15 – August 30 Prices 2017: Standard programme Bishkek-Bishkek (21 days in-country): USD 1830 per person NB: Price is valid for group of 4 persons minimum Standard programme Maida-Adyr – Maida-Adyr (17 days): USD 1010 per person Service available at extra payment Scheme of standard programme Bishkek-Bishkek: Scheme of standard programme Maida-Adyr – Maida-Adyr: Notes: Duration of programme can be changed by request. Discount applies for groups of 7 persons and more for programme Bishkek – Bishkek Route description: Classical Route from South Inylchek Glacier via west edge of the Semenovski Glacier It is recommended to reserve first 2 days for walks on glacierMore

Virgin peaks in Kyrgyzstan ,

Unbeaten land

Virgin Peaks in Kyrgyzstan Best season: July – September Mountains cover 95% of the territory of Kyrgyzstan and 40% of those are above 3,000 meters high. There are many regions where the foot of climber has never stepped. In Kyrgyzstan such regions as high vertical walls or 5,000 meters and over mountains are well explored. Anything besides aforementioned is not of any interest for climbers, especially if it’s lower than 4,000 m. Thousands of accessible and gorgeous summits are still virgin. Terskey Ala-Too Range It is one of the most extensive mountainous ranges of the Tien-Shan system. It stretches along the southern shore of lake Issyk-Kul for almost 400 kmMore

Rock climbing in Karavshin ,


Best season: July – September The canyons are located on the northern slopes of the Turkestanskyi range and administrated by Lyalakskyi raion of the Batken oblast. This is “paradise” for climbers. Rocks of the region are similar to Southern Patagonia by its structure and composition. It’s sometimes referred as Kyrgyz Patagonia but unlike the original weather is much warmer here and extent of walls is much longer. For example, the northern wall of Ak-Suu peak is 2,000 m high. Rocks are composed with solid, monolith granites, limestones and sandstones. Great opportunity for technical climbs on the known routes as well as first ascents and new routes are at climber’s disposal.More