Transportation and vehicles ,

Ural for mountain access

There are several ways how to get to Kyrgyzstan: by air, by railroad or by car. To get around inside the country is more convenient by car and sometime by air. Most of the mountaineering regions can be accessed only by all-wheel off-road vehicles. Helicopter might be the only option to access some regions of the Central Tien-Shan and Djangart. Walking time to those regions is about 4-7 days. There are several considerations when choosing vehicle, not only roominess but first of all cross-country ability. For instance, sometimes river crossing ability becomes of the main importance. The other vital factor is driver’s experience in the mountains. For example, there areMore

Expedition service team

Mountain guides. When hiring mountain guide in Kyrgyzstan one should be very careful not to be guided by an unqualified person. Nowadays everyone in Kyrgyzstan can call himself a guide and offer guiding service. There are no law regulations to control work of a mountain guide. How to find information about mountain guides? First of all, the main source is the Kyrgyz Mountain Guides Association (KMGA). This organization also trains and certifies mountain guides. The list of certified mountain guides with contacts is attached. Also this information can be found on the Association web site mentioned in attachment as well. The Association trains mountain guides in accordance with UIAGM-IFMGA standardMore

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Mountaineering equipment and items

There are no problems with food supply for the mountaineering expeditions in Kyrgyzstan. Basically any standard set of ingredients can be easily obtained in the local stores and markets of the country. But there are several things to consider while buying. These will provide you with required food of good quality. All necessary ingredients can be bought in Bishkek which is usually a starting point for most expeditions. It’s also Bishkek, as a rule, where you find the best choice, variety and quality. Therefore it’s better to stock main ingredients in Bishkek yet something is better to buy on the way to the mountains. Special food for climbers, concentrates, sublimateMore