Fergana Range Aug 2015

Nov. 25, 2018 updated

The Fergana range is a long chain of mountains forming part of the Tien Shan range in Kyrgyzstan. It is 206 miles in length with an average height of 3800m. The south eastern end of the range contains the highest peaks and is heavily glaciated below the main watershed. The snow peaks in this area are alpine in scale with heights between 4200m – 4819m.

This part of the range can be approached from the north via the town of Naryn and then by following the main road towards the Torugart Pass. The range can then be accessed with a 4 wheel drive vehicle from the wide valley that runs along the range to the north (the Arpa valley). A border permit is required to enter this area due to its close proximity to the border with China.


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