Skaska the wonder world

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Nov. 25, 2018 updated
Naturally formulated castle of Skaska valley

Skaska valley is, as the corresponding Russian term (скаска) meaning "fairy tale" suggests, surrounded by wonderfully formulated castles reinforced with labyrinth of walls extending beyond the scenery with Lake Issyk-kol in the background, being an ideal place for wandering.

Skaska is conveniently located to 2.2km south from the main road along the Southern Issyk-kol, and suggested to drop by when traveling between Bokonvaev and Barskoon. If you are curious and venturous enough, it is possible to hike through the wonder world to another valley, if not another world. Due to relatively small precipitation in the region, It is visitable all year around.







The entrance to Skaska from the main road is about 32km from Bokonvaev and 20km from Barskoon. Mini buses are running between two towns during the day, but considering the distance from the branch point to the heart of Skaska, using local taxi may also be a reasonable option.


Following the dirt road or track along a wadi, it takes about 40 min. on foot and less than 10 min. by car to the sightseeing spot. Entrance fee [less than one hundred som] may be charged by an irregular clerk during summer.

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